The origins of Diana in ship management go back even before 1907 where a company was built, which eventually controlled nearly the entire fleet of Greek passenger ships that connected the Greek islands with the mainland. 

In 1972, Simeon Palios set up a group of companies and a management company with the name Diana Shipping Agencies S.A. or DSA. Since its inception, DSA has concentrated on the management of various types of dry cargo and refrigerated vessels for principals associated with the group as well as for third parties.
In 1986, another management company was created with the name Diana Shipping Services S.A. or DSS and until the mid-1990's the company based its development on managing second hand ships. In 1996, it turned also to newbuilds and since then has managed several bulk carriers and containerships from Polish, South Korean and Chinese shipyards.

From the founding of Diana Containerships Inc., the commercial and technical management of the fleet has been carried out by Diana Shipping Services S.A., or DSS pursuant to separate management agreements between each of the vessel owning subsidiaries and the fleet manager.

As of March 1, 2013 the responsibility

for the commercial and technical management of the fleet has been brought in-house to a wholly-owned subsidiary, Unitized Ocean Transport Limited, or UOT, for the purpose of providing management services, including vessel commercial and technical management, administrative services, and ship brokering services.
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